Contact the Washington Planned Giving Council

WPGC is a professional organization and does not have any employees of its own. Our work is made possible by our volunteers and through administrative support provided by SBI Association Management. SBI serves many other local, national, and international nonprofit associations.

To contact WPGC, you may write, call, or send us an email. When you call the WPGC office, any one of the SBI Association Mangement staff will be able to help you.

Senior Association Executive:  
Patty Anderson, CAE, IOM

Member Services Coordinator:
Ceri Farrow

Washington Planned Giving Council

2150 N. 107th St., Suite 205
Seattle, WA 98133-9009

Phone: 206-209-5276  

Fax: 206-367-8777

Email: [email protected]